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We're Collective Birth: the combined practice of three East Bay midwives of color.

We provide a unique personalized approach to preconception, prenatal, birth, and post-partum care, with deliveries at Alta Bates Hospital.


As your midwives, we believe that birth is a normal physiological event, and we trust bodies to birth. We are dedicated to and invested in the safe passage of your baby, as well as protecting your autonomy along the way. When your process is well-respected at every point on the path, you are more likely to feel empowered and enriched by your experience. 

We work with you and your support system to build your knowledge, make informed decisions, ease your fears, and empower you with confidence and a sense of autonomy.

We take a holistic approach: care for a pregnant, laboring, or postpartum person is physiological, emotional, and often spiritual.

We provide up to date and evidence-based clinical care– but also a clear roadmap of what to expect, a listening ear, and a comforting, continuous presence.

We are on call for you, 24/7, throughout your entire pregnancy, labor, and up to six weeks postpartum.

Our Story
Our Approach


As three private practice midwives with admitting privileges at Alta Bates, we were frustrated that so many pregnant people were missing out on the opportunity to experience this unique model of care. Many people just did not know about us, or would reach out too late and after our practices were already full for their due date. As solo providers, we could each only accept a few clients per month. When we brainstormed how to change this, it felt only natural to fuse our practices not only to increase visibility but also to allow more clients into care.


We also recognized the glaring lack of midwives of color in the Bay Area. We wanted families of color to have a safe place to land. Each of us is deeply invested in preserving and protecting the autonomy and agency of all pregnant people, regardless of race, class, religion, or sexual orientation and gender.


Lastly, we realize we are better midwives when we are well rested! This collective allows a more sustainable model for us, as your providers, as it gives each of us some time to be “off call” each month. That opportunity to rest, recharge, and prioritize self-care is key when we are on call for you 24/7. The collective is small enough that even when one midwife is off call, you will have built a strong enough relationship with each of us that you should still feel very comfortable with your team.

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