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Florence H. Chien

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Born in Sweden, raised in New York and rooted in my Chinese heritage, I identify as a person of color, an immigrant and a child of immigrants. I come to midwifery with the understanding that every person and family’s lived experience is unique, complex and intersectional. My midwifery is grounded in reproductive justice and a deep respect and awe for our bodily and ancestral wisdom.


As your midwife, I welcome your whole, authentic self. I strive to receive all parts of you, so that you may feel powerful, fully present, affirmed and respected. I believe that when we feel embodied, seen and safe, we can find balance and connect with the intuition of our body mind and soul to thrive — in pregnancy, in labor, in birth, in parenting, in community. My midwifery superpower is in remaining calm and fluid in the moments that require it.


Jasmine and Aimée were my midwives when I had my child. It is such an honor to now join forces to care for pregnant and birthing people and their families — and for each other.

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